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STICKY: Anonymization of poasts older than X   10/24/17  (62)
STICKY: Parent   10/24/17  (12)
Had to pretend not to know who Sasha Grey was in mixed social group    10/24/17  (6)
Why are Slavs so good at boxing?    10/24/17  (52)
Prole words: "unfortunately," "however," "prior to," "also,"    10/24/17  (3)
VA middle schoolers mock rape black teammates on Snapchat    10/24/17  (11)
what do you guys think about an "on this day" function? (rach)    10/24/17  (8)
top post on Reddit is IPA tits + agwwg spawn    10/24/17  (16)
Asian Brad Pitt BARKING to his WOLFPACK brothers: "we have low sexual value"    10/24/17  (91)
Prole tell: the word "incent"    10/24/17  (3)
"You're a pretty big Coldplay fan--" "FIX YOU"    10/24/17  (1)
Hate to say it but with all the feature bloat, xo seems more or less done here    10/24/17  (2)
Rating poasters as minor/background characters in the AutoAdmit movie    10/24/17  (120)
"We gonna (expletive) the black outta these African children from Uganda."    10/24/17  (1)
nyuug defiantly backs down like a beta if you assert yourself on xo    10/24/17  (68)
Mexican here. I am very into pale girls with freckles.    10/24/17  (1)
"Peace be with you." "And also BY YOU."    10/24/17  (2)
Lol already got a new job (Ted Cruz tp)    10/24/17  (30)
fob Asian girls: love and appreciate UVT for the alpha wolf that he is    10/24/17  (6)
Alien Covenant was shit. Thinnest plot Ive seen in a movie in a long time. 2 hou    10/24/17  (2)
SOBER OCTOBER here we gooooooooooo!!!    10/24/17  (24)
uvt taking a few questions about his NOWAG clitpeen    10/24/17  (1)
uvt taking a few questions during another beautiful day in Asia    10/24/17  (61)
Hate how "travel" among elite means "international"    10/24/17  (82)
there's extensive european scholarship on why the JEWS are bad for society    10/24/17  (2)
Gangnam WGWAG Fuckboy here taking questions about my recent sexual excapades.    10/24/17  (13)
Resolved uvt has the smallest azn pissclit in the history of xo    10/24/17  (2)
Gun with 1 bullet: DBG, ARE Reptile, JJC?    10/24/17  (14)
LMAO uvt begged to have the 'AZN LOW SEXUAL VALUE' thread shit-modded!    10/24/17  (5)
nyuug, let's have a legit conversation about wgwag in Asia    10/24/17  (12)
A Staten Island Brunch (180) Behind the Scenes interview    10/24/17  (54)
ITT I rate you as barbs wife & I have exchanged    10/24/17  (100)
1) holocaust was literally kike media bullshit 5.9mm deaths = starvation 2) DBG    10/24/17  (1)
Billy Joel: has 3rd child at 68 w 35yo wife, u: tedcruztp threading    10/24/17  (5)
Do Jews have a plan to fuck things up, or r they driven by instinct, like ants?    10/24/17  (12)
Boxer literally walks out of the ring and leaves fight (aka pulls a Zelenoff)    10/24/17  (3)
Your SAHM wife: "We need a maid, also we do chores 50/50."    10/24/17  (80)
nubile, demure chicks who walk slowly, unaccompanied, to indeterminate locations    10/24/17  (14)
RATE Trump at a ski resort (pic)    10/24/17  (3)
fuck remember when america wasnt all foreigners and fat people and genderless wo    10/24/17  (25)
scratch an asian, find a jew    10/24/17  (2)
Las Vegas shooting, other staged events, are actually satanic megarituals    10/24/17  (7)
Why doesn't southern Virginia rise up and invade/colonizee NoVA?    10/24/17  (2)
LMAO uvt begged to have the 'AZN LOW SEXUAL VALUE' thread shit-modded!    10/24/17  (6)
MetroCard (1993 - 2023)    10/24/17  (8)
There's a Stonewall Jackson high school in Manassas    10/24/17  (2)
*Morning crew slitting open corrugated cartons marked NEW MEMES*    10/24/17  (62)
these anonymized monikers are a gold mine    10/24/17  (20)
what does are reptile mean when he says he was a weapons inspector?    10/24/17  (4)
14 Things Decent Men Need to Do in Response to #MeToo (CNN    10/24/17  (31)
Russian dudes dress up a Bentley as a Gaz Volga and ask people to rate    10/24/17  (7)
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING    10/24/17  (4)
lol at NOWAGs uvt and nyuug pumping up their WOLFPACK for a night of NOWAG    10/24/17  (1)
What's your honest opinion on fetishes?    10/24/17  (21)
*shamelessly throws my panties at mpa*    10/24/17  (40)
STICKY: rachmiel is nigger    10/24/17  (3)
sum seriously LULZY poasting going on by NOWAGs uvt & nyuug right now    10/24/17  (1)
Why so little innovation in programming languages, Hemisemipumo?    10/24/17  (37)
Latest fallout from Weinstein scandal: James Toback accused by 38 women of RAPE    10/24/17  (24)
txted rach: "after seeing BY YOU, think i need to stop poa" rach: "get back in"    10/24/17  (10)
Rate Matt Cain destroying things midair with his fastball for Mythbusters    10/24/17  (10)
The Daily Humiliation of lawman8    10/24/17  (35)
Going back to law school after I drown my boss.    10/24/17  (1)
nyuug: have you ever fucked a north korean girl/prostitute?    10/24/17  (6)
Rate this Korean dude with a Mexican girlfriend    10/24/17  (10)
Due to calishitlawguru I will leave ID and go solo    10/24/17  (44)
PF I got my dick all in your ass homegirl. How ya gonna take it out?    10/24/17  (18)
Every urban youth has the same EXACT hairstyle. How did this trend start?    10/24/17  (1)
American girl literally creates Korean WGWAG Youtube Channel rokwithus, why?    10/24/17  (6)
Polish STUNNER literally makes Korean WGWAG Youtube Channel, why?    10/24/17  (33)
American WGWAG literally creates Korean WGWAG Youtube Channel OneWorld2Hearts    10/24/17  (8)
Rate this WGWAG (video inside)    10/24/17  (8)
Rate this WGWAG with a literal 9 white model (video inside)    10/24/17  (7)
White girl literally makes WGWAG Youtube channel called "Koreanaddicted", why?    10/24/17  (17)
Canadian STUNNER literally creates WGWAG Youtube channel called 2hearts1seoul    10/24/17  (24)
Any of you bros play Stardew Valley?    10/24/17  (1)
Picture of me with naked nordic WGWAG (pic for walter white)!    10/24/17  (175)
lol @ NOWAGs on xo-cry about clitdick/incel then try to be "alpha"    10/24/17  (31)
white women go crazy for LATINO not BLACK cock    10/24/17  (1)
*donkey punches WMTP so hard it snaps his neck*    10/24/17  (13)
Wife of KIA soldier texting Trump: "Where body at?"    10/24/17  (12)
ted cruz tp sending cover letter: "Dear Gen X faggot, I quit, you queer!"    10/24/17  (5)
There are actually no rules against wearing jet packs in most Olympic events    10/24/17  (2)
Demographics look terrible for GOP    10/24/17  (13)
Have you noticed how Jews try fit a scam into every action they take?    10/24/17  (2)
Just quit the new job I just got.    10/24/17  (4)
Will we be able to violently attack LIBS in the street after Trump victory?    10/24/17  (7)
Niggers steal from you constantly and smell like shit.    10/24/17  (1)
How Somali Immigrants Are Revitalizing Main Street America    10/24/17  (5)
i really feel like punching women in the workplace    10/24/17  (17)
Reminder: it is only 879 days until Hillary becomes femPOTUS    10/24/17  (5)
Why do shrews even fill out bios on SPSwipe apps? All we care about is how prett    10/24/17  (1)
LOL @ how ludicrously angry minorities have become in CANADA    10/24/17  (4)
Need some help on Mario 64    10/24/17  (41)
I have a DATE with this Nurse tonight    10/24/17  (57)
lol @ fags who don't make their bed    10/24/17  (2)
New Steve Brule show-related content to air tonight at 4am    10/24/17  (7)
Not walking tall, chaebong hyung man, they spit on me in my "home" land    10/24/17  (1)
Oh, where oh where can my Chaebong be?    10/24/17  (1)
It's strangely kinda pleasant going to bed SPUN    10/24/17  (6)
Anyone else getting excited for ski season?    10/24/17  (21)
How can I improve my apartment? (peterman)    10/24/17  (91)
friends told me not enough HEIGHT-THREADING on XO now. so I return (Snailmo)    10/24/17  (11)
When Hillary appoints 5th justice they will take up a gerrymandering case    10/24/17  (4)
I am a Latino    10/24/17  (7)
How long until Hillary's SCOTUS overturns Heller?    10/24/17  (4)
minimum you should have in 401K by age 35?    10/24/17  (3)
Say It ain't soooowowowow, my son is a Chaebong Hyung - Weezer    10/24/17  (24)
57 days until Hillary legalizes abortion, gay marriage, and affirmative action    10/24/17  (1)
Why did they wait until Hillary won to drop this. Good try but I mean lol    10/24/17  (7)
84 days until Hillary can just fire this Comey fucker    10/24/17  (2)
*shamelessly throws my boxers at jcm*    10/24/17  (7)
Rate this video of Anne Coulter unrelentlessly pwning on immigration    10/24/17  (3)
Read this analysis/predictions on Trump, Uranium One, Mueller, & Sessions (link)    10/24/17  (8)
Your gf masturbating while you doggy style because you dont fuck hard enough    10/24/17  (15)
Stupid bitch at work yelled "And then the brunch started dancing!"    10/24/17  (42)
Another baby boomer is going on killing spree    10/24/17  (1)
TedCruzTP    10/24/17  (20)
Real talk: If dems run Oprah and Channing Tatum they'll win by 40 pts    10/24/17  (5)
What are some emotionally healthy things I could start doing today?    10/24/17  (16)
Can't help but stupidly and gainlessly pursue an unattainable chick    10/24/17  (6)
they need more 2 bedroom houses with a lot of land and a pool    10/24/17  (2)
Why was Michael Myers trying to kill his sister?    10/24/17  (4)
tea | earl grey | hot    10/24/17  (41)
seen some shitlibs on FB use "my goddess" instead of "my god" (not flame)    10/24/17  (3)
Chandler, rate this floral park home in Orange county , ca    10/24/17  (7)
College-Aged Men Take Moaning and Eye Contact For Consent, Research Reports (lin    10/24/17  (101)
What is your honest opinion on radishes?    10/24/17  (2)
Had the best sex of my life this weekend. She was 30 lbs overweight    10/24/17  (25)
*receives metal cock cage in mail. "JCM" etched into key*    10/24/17  (76)
"As a young boy, Charles Bronson had gender dysmorphia"(Huffpo)    10/24/17  (1)
Anyone need a roomate?    10/24/17  (3)
boomers: sprawling McMansions millennials: 'tiny house'    10/24/17  (18)
tea. earl grey. hot.    10/24/17  (4)
Israeli Scientists Making Progress On 3D Printed FOOD    10/24/17  (3)
Just saw an ad for Opdivo. "A chance to live longer." $150k+/yr    10/24/17  (1)
Steven Seagal: just a doting hollywood concerned-father figure (pic)    10/24/17  (5)
Lazily rating posters as objects in my apartment    10/24/17  (52)
JFC the bort is DEAD. WTF POASTPIGS!?    10/24/17  (22)
HSHARES is mooning!!;;    10/24/17  (1)
XO Feder SHITS On Paris Masters: It's Never Been A Priority #tennis    10/24/17  (12)
CA passes bill allowing illegals to serve on juries    10/24/17  (14)
Rating poasters as hypothetical watchmen monikers    10/24/17  (14)
174 taking off his bellybutton ring because my jizz gave him a navel cyst.    10/24/17  (4)
bros.... waltonchain is mooning    10/24/17  (11)
FUCK being a wagecuck    10/24/17  (2)
N.D. Cal Truck rolls up outside Home Depot,yelling for jurors to hop in back    10/24/17  (9)
Guy who lives in a PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY here, taking questions.    10/24/17  (22)
Wtf is "Hshares"    10/24/17  (7)
my body is just an interface module for tech, sugar, intermittent humiliation    10/24/17  (13)
Anyone go to or send their kid to a Waldorf school?    10/24/17  (17)
"damn residence, daddy speaking."    10/24/17  (15)

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