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how do people have GFs and no friends? bizarre. friends are so easy to make!    02/23/18  (20)
Lots of normies get weirded out by homerotic jokes    02/23/18  (18)
quick, someone suggest some music. I have a motion that needs to get done.    02/23/18  (15)
Serious Q: Is national debt really just going to go up forever?    02/23/18  (15)
DESCRIBE the horror of 30's married life    02/23/18  (12)
must be peak experience to be school shooting incel mowing down chads like xbox    02/23/18  (10)
RATE this Hawaii oceanfront house for $2.1M    02/23/18  (9)
xo sobermos will never no the true joy of a gakked out poasting spree    02/23/18  (9)
a woman's pelvis unhinges like snake jaw in order to gulp up more chad COCK.    02/23/18  (9)
twins hope you're doing well bro    02/23/18  (8)
Kurds shoot famous Turk in the eyeball in the middle of an interview    02/23/18  (8)
Apt next door is a couple with new baby, w/ thin walls, making me not want kids    02/23/18  (7)
The Vagina Monologues is problematic. Leaves out women without vaginas    02/23/18  (7)
I want all of you guys to succeed. Let's have a self improvement thread.    02/23/18  (6)
What music do white suburban kids listen to now    02/23/18  (6)
Debt Per Person - 63k. Debt per Taxpayer - 170k. NBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    02/23/18  (6)
Daily Stoic, 2/23/18    02/23/18  (5)
It's gonna be weird in ~15 years when beards are unfashionable again    02/23/18  (5)
this place is incredibly gay lol    02/23/18  (5)
Real talk: as a single bro you can live pretty well making 200k in MFH    02/23/18  (4)
Cape Town May Dry Up Because of an Aversion to Israel [WSJ] (DBG)    02/23/18  (4)
what happens when a non-chad enters the Thomas the Tank Engine world    02/23/18  (4)
i'm different, yeah i'm differen't; i'm different', yeah i'm different    02/23/18  (4)
evil's not so obvious. you might be evil, even.    02/23/18  (4)
"Ohhh, Autistic Chad, I'm so wet." "That's just 17,000 types of bacterial slime.    02/23/18  (4)
Tech's biggest companies are spreading conspiracy theories.    02/23/18  (4)
Wtf is this? (Vid)    02/23/18  (3)
anime waifu: cries in happiness over candy ring. ur wife: "dis diamond too cheap    02/23/18  (3)
this is what happens when a girl's little brother = a chad    02/23/18  (3)
Toxic masculinity is gynocentric masculinity.    02/23/18  (3)
Blimey, we're getting a lot of apps for the gay inspector job from yank lawyers    02/23/18  (3)
put me in with the killers. that's where i belong.    02/23/18  (3)
Other Bank of America, what are some financing options for 100K + loans?    02/23/18  (3)
what % of RSF's "conquests" are either straight up hookers or SA girls?    02/23/18  (3)
David Letterman is fucking garbage and always has been    02/23/18  (3)
Ripping off your shirt to reveal a megathor tattoo over your right breast    02/23/18  (3)
nothing gayer than even speaking to a biological female. Disgusting!    02/23/18  (3)
Whats the difference between JJC and this worm that shits out of its mouth?    02/23/18  (2)
Day Drinking Rose in Sunny Sydney    02/23/18  (2)
oh wow interesting wandering sybarite article    02/23/18  (2)
student heard yelling 'i have two dads!' from back of hall @ shitlib GE lecture    02/23/18  (2)
Parkland School Had an Armed Security Guard, He Pussed Out and Stayed Outside    02/23/18  (2)
Fellow olds nostalgic for their childhoods: watch XOUnsolved Mysteries    02/23/18  (2)
*drinks amanita muscaria wine with an occultist Ukrainian MUSH MONSTER*    02/23/18  (2)
Anyone ever been to Nudes'a'Poppin?    02/23/18  (1)
Saffron doesn't even taste good    02/23/18  (1)
Israel proves the NRA's arguments    02/23/18  (1)
male masculinity is good for you    02/23/18  (1)