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Colt: French food is total shit. Ever eat a Croissan'wich from BK?    12/10/17  (63)
Fucked a 19yr old BRAZILIAN coed with a HUGE ASS on Sat. Taking ?s ITT. WGWAG!    12/10/17  (53)
32 too old to apply for med school?    12/10/17  (50)
Copped # from a hot as FUCK 19 year old UMiami UG last night    12/10/17  (46)
Having hotel breakfast: guess my location (20 Qs)    12/10/17  (45)
What is best meme of xo 2017?    12/10/17  (42)
Should I go all in with crypto and invest 250K or just 100K    12/10/17  (38)
Rate how this girl makes money    12/10/17  (35)
Spouse thinks I should just let his fat, bitch sister say whatever she wants    12/10/17  (31)
So corps can still deduct SALT, but not individuals? Finally, a populist POTUS!!    12/10/17  (29)
Country will never elect a Millenial as POTUS    12/10/17  (26)
Taking Questions about Dental School and the Dental Profession    12/10/17  (24)
Hypo: All 45 presidents in a ROYAL RUMBLE. Who's the last in the ring??    12/10/17  (21)
Listening to your GF piss is disgusting.You can tell it gets all over everywhere    12/10/17  (21)
Jmaw is a millionaire    12/10/17  (17)
bannon went from prole --> monied --> superstructure manipulator -->    12/10/17  (17)
Why don't more Military Bros major in STEM (CS)    12/10/17  (17)
Click on "By You" and write the date of the last post on the first page    12/10/17  (16)
This is your Captain, Sashwat speaking    12/10/17  (16)
Eminem's sad decay into a politically-correct, line-toeing SJW    12/10/17  (15)
new jobs a hassle and the kids got the flu    12/10/17  (15)
do you take escorts on dates or do they just show up to ur house and fuck you    12/10/17  (15)
Reminder: Bitcoin is the most obvious bubble ever    12/10/17  (14)
Why would you ever want to go to an XO Meetup?    12/10/17  (14)
Mods, ban this RSF hating gook.    12/10/17  (14)
Can a 38-year-old programmer get into Harvard Business School?    12/10/17  (14)
Who has transformed the GOP more: Reagan or Trump?    12/10/17  (14)
most random white girls u know in big cities have fucked a rapper    12/10/17  (14)
Friend got kicked out of NBA game. Will anything happen to him?    12/10/17  (13)
I don't have anywhere else to go. U guys are all I have.    12/10/17  (13)
twins how much pre sesh? sell packaged seshes? more an intellectual thing    12/10/17  (13)
I stand with RSF. Some of you are disgusting. RIP RSFs brother    12/10/17  (13)
So NOWG and involuntary SPH have broken the brain of the RSF stalker?    12/10/17  (12)
Lawyer: "Should I take this prestigious 50k job?" Plumber: *makes 170k*    12/10/17  (12)
cleaning your place in case a girl comes over is like what birdd00ds do    12/10/17  (12)
Trump is so 180 it's beyond belief    12/10/17  (12)
Catholic mass today, wore a TOP HAT and EYELINER. Cold approached by 2 chicks    12/10/17  (11)
*Trump & Obama, last 2 men in POTUS Rumble, stare across ring at each other*    12/10/17  (11)
2017 XO YEAR IN REVIEW - BEST THREADS    12/10/17  (11)
ROFL Amazon drivers have to piss in bottles in order to make their schedules    12/10/17  (11)
Rate this HS girl showing off her new yoga pants (pics)    12/10/17  (11)
hard for me to understand people who have been married like four times    12/10/17  (11)
"Hi class! I'm Jimmy's dad and I'm a compliance professional. Who knows what tha    12/10/17  (11)
"maybe he'll call next week," sighs your mom, 2,526 mi away on Sunday night    12/10/17  (11)
How do you learn to manipulate people better?    12/10/17  (11)
Pretty sure wife is pregnant I can tell    12/10/17  (10)
do libs have dirt on eminem    12/10/17  (10)
"Take that, take that," I whispered as Colt backed his tight ass up onto my dick    12/10/17  (10)
Dying genius trains his only daughter to become a super hero    12/10/17  (9)
need this question answered now feel like i may have psychotic break    12/10/17  (9)